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Workshop: Better Together

How We Can Live Out Our Shared Mission by Working Together

For as long as liberal religion has existed, the idea of autonomous congregations working together for both mutual support and the greater good has been a part of our story. From the Radical Reformation to the Puritans of the Cambridge Platform to contemporary times we have always tried to be a community of autonomous congregations. That is, we maintain our autonomy as separate and unique congregations, but we work together to allow ourselves to be more effective, more efficient, and sometimes even more fun together! This fall, in a nation fractured by partisan politics of the ugliest variety, our UU congregations can be places of healing, of renewal, and of advocacy. Let’s think about how we can be better together.

We begin this workshop with a panel of ministers. Rev. Greg Pelley, Rev. Greg Chute, Rev. Christian Schmidt and Rev. Roberta Finkelstein will briefly share their thoughts on the history and theology of this idea of being better together. Then we will break into smaller groups to consider how we contemporary UU’s might live up to the ideals of our ancestors.