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This year we will be stepping up to the conference center at Tockwogh!

We have two housing options. The beds are similar in both, but the conference center provides better spaces for community activities. And the bedrooms have carpets.

Conference Center—This building has two conference rooms separated by a fireplace on the handicapped-accessible, first floor. The building is on a slope over looking the bay. There is a wrap around porch also on the first floor. There are eight bedrooms on the lower level. Each bedroom has five beds and a private shower and bathroom.

Navajo Cottages—These cottages have one small sitting area with a couch and fireplace, as well as three bedrooms. Each bedroom has three beds and a private bathroom. These are often chosen by those who prefer privacy or have young children who nap or go to bed quite early. The cottages also have heat.

For lodging in the Conference Center or Navajo Cottages we recommend you bring a fitted sheet to cover the mattress, a sleeping bag (or blankets) and a pillow. Some people bring foam mats to give a little more cushion to the mattress. You may not sleep well the first night, but you will sleep like a log the second night!

We also offer tent camping—You are welcome to bring your own tent, which will be set up near Stewart Lodge and/or the Navajo Cottages. Bathroom facilities will be provided in the Stewart and Navajo buildings.

In the event of overflow registration we have additional housing. The mattresses are similar, but the beds are bunk beds and the bathrooms are in separate, single-sex buildings. With some exceptions based on physical needs, housing will be allotted in the order we receive registrations. Don't delay; register today!